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Hex to RGB Converter

Basic Color Table With Example, Hex Code, RGB Decimal Color

Color Color Name in String Hex Code #RRGGBB or #FF0 Decimal Code (R,G,B)
  Black #000000 rgb(0,0,0)
  White #FFFFFF rgb(255,255,255)
  Red #FF0000 rgb(255,0,0)
  Lime #00FF00 rgb(0,255,0)
  Blue #0000FF rgb(0,0,255)
  Yellow #FFFF00 rgb(255,255,0)
  Cyan / Aqua #00FFFF rgb(0,255,255)
  Magenta / Fuchsia #FF00FF rgb(255,0,255)
  Silver #C0C0C0 rgb(192,192,192)
  Gray #808080 rgb(128,128,128)
  Maroon #800000 rgb(128,0,0)
  Olive #808000 rgb(128,128,0)
  Green #008000 rgb(0,128,0)
  Purple #800080 rgb(128,0,128)
  Teal #008080 rgb(0,128,128)
  Navy #000080 rgb(0,0,128)

How to Use Hex Color Code, RGB Color Code, and CSS Color Code?

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We can convert a hex color string (e.g. "808080") to numeric RGB values very quickly and easily from your desktop or mobile. to use our tool, you have to enter the Hex code in six digits or 3 digits at once. and click on the Convert button to get the result.

See your color in color preview next to this section and the Last collum will see the Red, Green, and Blue color. Also Last field will see the RGB decimal color code.

What is Hex and RGB/CSS Color Code? Default Color code/Basic Color's Hex string or RGB

backgroud-color: gray;


backgroud-color: #808080;


backgroud-color: rgb(128,128,128);

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About Hex to RGB or CSS Color Code Convert

Hex code is a combination of three basic colors like Red, Green, and Blue. By making a combination of these three colors we can generate millions of colors and we can share or show color in to hex code. Hex code widely used by the developer in all the CSS Frameworks. and the RGB/CSS/Decimal color code is another formate of color code. some users like to read and manage in decimal code. In the below example, First is the color name: Gray that is easy to remember and share with a friend while we talk, but the second code start with #808080 is hexadecimal code, Not easy to remember, But this is the unique way to use in Web designing. We can use this code for font, the background of Lebel, Button, and Div or All Other HTML tags. and the last is decimal color code this explain what percentage of Red, Green, and Blue color need to make Gray color from 0 to 255 value.

For Example: Gray #808080 rgb(128,128,128)

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